Workshops & Events

The Love & Kindness Session

WHEN: Sunday 20th February @ 2pm
LOCATION: The Yogabarn
TEACHER: Maureen

Following on from our sold out December retreat we are so excited to be hosting another event at The Yogabarn which focuses on LOVE!

Love yourself & each other!

We will nurture our bodies with some soothing self massage, move with ease in our yoga practice, meditate on loving kindness and complete the afternoon with a deeply restorative sequence.

We are delighted to announce we will be joined by Daniel Gronan and Jane Bentley who will be providing live background rhythms to soothe the mind and body, followed by kirtan music and mantras to dance, clap and chant along to.

Spots are limited so to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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Pregnancy Yoga!

We are delighted to offer this from the Yogabarn already home to the Playbarn so it seems like the circle is complete.

WHEN: Tuesday’s @ 7.15pm
LOCATION: The Yogabarn
TEACHER: Maureen

The classes will include asana practice that will support your changing body and breathing practices to help prepare you for birth. Additionally relaxation techniques, visualisation  and meditations will be practiced to ensure a peaceful mind and body at this time. 

Pregnancy is a sacred time and can be challenging for a mother as many physiological and psychological changes occur over the weeks. Many of these changes occur due to fluctuations in hormone levels. However, the expectation of a new baby brings huge life changes as well, sometimes leading to the mother feeling pressured. The classes will be in person and be an opportunity to make friendship and community, especially important at this time. 

Regular yoga practice can help with these feelings of pressure and the physiological changes that are experienced during pregnancy. For instance, yoga practice provides the ideal opportunity to re-connect with the changing shape of the pregnant body. Gentle yoga practice can help to maintain strength and posture, whilst helping to reduce tension that can occur through the changing position of the spine and pelvis. Furthermore, breathing techniques that accompany yoga practice can help to replenish energy stores and lead to feelings of rejuvenation. In essence, gentle yoga practice can help to relieve tension, recharge energy levels and thus provide an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Many of the postural related benefits that yoga provides occur through maintaining muscular strength. As a result of hormone changes and the additional demands placed on the body during pregnancy, many women experience a lack of energy. This in turn can lead to reduced levels of physical activity, which can reduce muscular strength. Regular yoga practice during pregnancy can help to alleviate many postural related conditions by helping to maintain and increase abdominal strength, which in turn helps to provide support for the weight of the baby and the uterus. In addition functionally strong abdominal muscles help support the entire torso, which in turn helps us to protect the spine.

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