Donald Hargrove

Donald qualified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance through the Chi Yoga Centre in August 2009.

 He went on to do a further teacher training course in the Ancient Tibetan Yoga form Kum Nye led by John Peacock Phd.

 Donald now specializes in Ashtanga and Kum Nye.

 Further yoga teacher qualifications:

Ashtanga yoga with David Swenson

Yin yoga with Gem Maryan.


Meditation Yoga Flow.

This class is suited for all levels aimed at reducing stress through mindful movement and gentle yoga postures. Meditation is integrated into the practise to give a deeper more profound experience. The postures are drawn from both Tibetan and Hatha yoga traditions.

Kum Nye (Tibetan yoga)

Kum Nye is a mindfulness based meditation yoga practise. Kum Nye helps relieve stress and transform negative patterns to promote balance and health.

Kum Nye can be experienced on many levels beginning with simple mindful movements which helped nurture the still source within. Kum Nye includes meditation mindful movement chanting and visualisation exercises.

I expect to run pop up workshops in Kum Nye throughout the course of the year.

Aspects of Kum Nye practice is currently included into my Sunday Meditation Yoga Flow class.

Give it a try! 🙂


Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga which synchronises the breath with a progressive series of postures (as illustrated below).

The process produces internal heat and profuse purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation a light strong body and a calm mind.

I encourage my students to find the meditation within their practice through the synchronicity of breath and movement.

We aim to practise with an attitude of kindness, a soft mind and a forgiving heart always only doing the practise that is right for you! Letting go of expectations of the perfect posture. No judgement. Enjoy 😊

Some previous experience is advised.

other info:


 David Keil, Doug Swenson, John Scott, Rosina Bonsu and Kia Naddermier.

 In 2010 Donald set up The Salutation Station. A home studio serving the local community in Pollokshields.

Classes have now been moved to the Yoga Barn in Pollok Park.

Ashtanga Primary Series.

An illustration not an expectation! 🙂 🙂