Claire Black/SiobhanLawson/Daniel Gronan

Claire has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and has experimented with many styles. Becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2014, originally training in ashtanga yoga. Claire taught her very first yoga class here at The Yoga Barn!

Deciding to add some yin to her yang, since 2017 Claire has completed over 200 hours of yin teacher training. She has studied with Clare Gates-Sjoblom, a senior student of Paul Grilley, internationally renowned teacher Bernie Clark and most recently Norman Blair, one of the most experienced yin yoga teachers in the UK.

Known for her practical and down to earth approach – teaching with a real sense of earthly reality and humour, Claire offers classes that are accessible to students of all levels of experience.

Claire offers gratitude to all her teachers past and present and continues to practice and study her favoured areas of interest to add to her knowledge, for  her own personal growth and to share with others.


Siobhan has been a yoga teacher for several years and recently her passion for movement and dance has led to her undertaking further training in somatic yoga. You will find her on Monday Mornings and Tuesday evenings sharing her passion for movement in a way that allows a deep connection to the wisdom of our bodies, creating space for free movement with a keen emphasis on restoring our energy.

Daniel Gronan

Dan has more than 500hrs study in yoga and meditation including therapeutic yoga for addiction recovery, prisons, children with additional needs and a range of trauma-informed mixed-modality trainings. He has years of practice of Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga as well as roots in the tradition of Gaudiya Vaishnavism where he studies Bhaktivedanta philosophy, mantra and devotional music.

He recently trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage – dynamic bodywork combining deep tissue massage, with assisted stretches and supported breathing.