Nicole Thorpe

Nicole Thorpe

Nicole is thrilled to be teaching at The Yoga Barn Glasgow. Nicole brings a fiery, dynamic, and sometimes funky, feel to her classes. You can expect to work up a sweat to some feel good music while connecting to, and deepening your awareness of, your breath. Nicole is also a professional dancer and an avid believer that movement is medicine. She encourages you to find freedom in your body and to explore your own unique expression, and experience, of postures. 

“Your body, your practice… I am simply here to guide you”

As well as weekly vinyasa classes, Nicole will be teaching Monday night restorative and yin.

Yoga has helped me to find stillness in my hectic life. It has led me to understand my mental health, physical well being better and has empowered me to trust my inner wisdom and femininity. My goal is to give back what yoga and my teachers have given to me. I want to share this practice with others to help people grow and find peace within themselves.

Nicole’s classes are currently on hold as she is travelling but you can find her on our videos and for a few pop up workshops