Nicole Thorpe

My yoga journey began 10 years ago when I started practicing the Ashtanga primary series, while training professionally as a dancer. At first, like most people, it was all about achieving postures. However, training under the watchful eye of my Mum at  ‘The Yoga Barn Glasgow’, I started to learn that there is so much more to the practice of yoga.

The physical aspects of my practice allowed me to find balance in my body and very quickly I started to see old injuries from years of dancing and crazy fitness trends disappear. I started to build strength in a functional way, nurturing my body instead of punishing it. But the biggest shift was in my mental health. I started to understand what it meant to feel calm, at peace even. This was big news for me and my anxious, wandering mind and so my eagerness to learn more and dig deeper began. 

“Everyone’s experience on the mat is completely unique and personal and that is what’s special. I like to invite my students to use their intuition to experience the postures in a way that benefits them. My career as a dancer encourages me to bring variety and creativity to my classes, inviting people to feel free and let go, while moving to some good tunes and sometimes getting a little bit sweaty.”