Class Descriptions

Not sure which class is right for you? Check out our class descriptions below to find your perfect match.

Ashtanga Primary Series (led)

• Ashtanga primary series
• Same set sequence every week
• Option to move into second series with assistance
• Energetic practice
• Relaxation and meditation

Dynamic Flow

• Building stamina – breath-work
• Moving with pace
• Options to try more challenging postures
• Focus on building core strength
• Relaxation and meditation

Mindful Yoga Flow

A class focused on helping you feel grounded
• Meditation to help you calm your mind 
• Breath work
Slow flowing practice

Yoga Flow / Vinyasa Flow  

• Focusing on moving your body to the flow of your breath.
• Building strength and stamina for your body and mind
• Building core strength
• Stretching out your muscles
• Relaxation and meditation

Yoga for Beginners

• Focusing on breath work
• Connecting breath to gentle movement and stretching
• Learning postures
• Gentle Movement
• Relaxation and meditation

Seasonal Vinyasa

• Playful flows that change every season
• Movement with breath
• Spice it up or slow it down
• Fusion of traditional Vinyasa flow with seasonal Yoga

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