Is there a place to change? Yes there is a small outdoor toilet opposite the barn, and a curtained off section underneath the studio where you can change.

Do I need to bring anything? Mats & any props are provided but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer. You’re welcome to bring a bottle of water for after class, there are no cafe facilities at this venue.

First time visiting? The barn can be a little tricky to find, especially in the dark – be sure to watch the video on the location page & leave yourself enough time to find us. Once you arrive at the old barn, classes are help upstairs, please leave your shoes in the rack downstairs. The path can be muddy at times, bear that in mind when selecting your shoes.

Hands on: Sometimes the teacher may adjust you in a pose, it could be to help you get the most out of a pose or guide you to a safer alignment. Adjustments can be a really beneficial part of attending a class but they might not suit everyone for a variety of reasons, or simply a preference – let us know if you prefer not to be adjusted. The teacher will only adjust regular students to the class, never on the first visit.

What should I wear? Something comfortable that you can move all your limbs in easily.  It’s common for people to wear leggings or loose joggers/ trousers. On top, its best to wear a t-shirt/top that can be tucked in (to keep it in place if your upside down). Generally people go barefoot as you will have better grip but socks are ok if you are more comfortable in them.